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Our Speech-Language Pathologists provide therapy services to improve the following:

  • Articulation or Production of Sounds

  • Receptive Language skills such as following multi-step direction, sequencing, and understanding of concepts

  • Expressive Language skills such as vocabulary, expanding utterances, grammar, and telling narratives

  • Dyslexia which includes addressing decoding, spelling, phonemic awareness, reading fluency and reading comprehension abilities

  • Stuttering through a preschool curriculum as well as an elementary program, Focus on Fluency

  • Social Skills including understanding emotions, expressing emotions, controlling anger, problem solving, conversational skills, and perspective taking

  • Written Expression skills such as using correct punctuation, organizing thoughts using visual webs and graphic organizers, developing topic sentences and sequencing information

  • Reading Comprehension skills which are targeted through a program called the Lindamood Bell Visualizing and Verbalizing Program which improves a child’s ability to recall details, determine main idea, summarize information and answer higher order thinking questions

  • Auditory Memory skills to enhance a child’s ability to process and retain information

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