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Because We Believe Each Child is Unique, No Two Therapy Plans Are Alike!


We provide a wide array of therapy services. Because no two children are alike, no two therapy plans are alike. We customize your child’s treatment plan based on their evaluation, parent report, educator input, and our clinical experience. All children and their learning styles are unique, therefore their therapy objectives should be customized to best meet their needs. We provide the following services for children of infancy through high school:

  • Speech-Language Evaluations and Therapy

  • Occupational Evaluations and Therapy

  • Literacy Skills/Dyslexia

  • Social Skills

  • Developmental Milestones



Our Speech-Language Pathologists provide therapy services to improve the following:

  • Articulation or Production of Sounds

  • Receptive Language skills such as following multi-step direction, sequencing, and understanding of concepts

  • Expressive Language skills such as vocabulary, expanding utterances, grammar, and telling narratives

  • Dyslexia which includes addressing decoding, spelling, phonemic awareness, reading fluency and reading comprehension abilities

• Stuttering through a preschool curriculum as well as an elementary program, Focus on Fluency

•  Social Skills including understanding emotions, expressing emotions, controlling anger, problem solving, conversational skills, and perspective taking

•  Written Expression skills such as using correct punctuation, organizing thoughts using visual webs and graphic organizers, developing topic sentences and sequencing information

  • Reading Comprehension skills which are targeted through a program called the Lindamood Bell Visualizing and Verbalizing Program which improves a child’s ability to recall details, determine main idea, summarize information and answer higher order thinking questions

  • Auditory Memory skills to enhance a child’s ability to process and retain information

Speech Language


Our Occupational Therapists can provide services to help with the following:

  • Attention, arousal levels, and coping with emotions

  • Activities of daily living such as self-help skills including brush teething, dressing, and toileting

  • Handwriting and pencil grasp

  • Feeding skills such as oral sensitivity

  • Sensory Processing including body awareness and movement

  • Coordination skills

  • Gross motor skills

  • Reflex integration

Occupational therapy


We provide reading and comprehension services to improve the following:

  • Phonological Awareness Skills such as rhyming and segmenting sounds

  • Sound-symbol correspondence and alphabet skills

  • Decoding or "sounding out" words

  • Spelling

  • Reading Sight Words

  • Understanding and applying syllable division rules

  • Reading Fluency

  • Vocabulary

  • Comprehension skills such as main idea, details, inferencing

  • Developing an enjoyment for reading!

Literacy Skills
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